If you love Australian animals you will love this cute echidna image.

Coffee mug is made of ceramic.

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Size: 10cm High x 8.5cm wide / 11oz.

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Short-beaked Echidna Facts

The Echidna has porcupine-like spines, a bird-like beak, quoll-like pouch and lays eggs like a reptile. It also feeds their young on milk (like all mammals) but have no nipples – the milk just oozes out of the skin in the pouch and the puggle (baby echidna) licks it up. This strange mix of characteristics is why it’s  named after “Echidna”, a creature from Greek mythology who was half-woman and half-snake, as the animal was perceived to have qualities of both mammal and reptile.

There are four species of echidnas, including the Short-beaked Echidna found throughout Australia.

Information was taken from The Nature Conservancy Australia

Australian Echidna ceramic coffee mug

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